A warning to fellow Christian Conservatives…wake up!

A warning to fellow Christian Conservatives…wake up!

The freedoms we enjoy are under direct threat. The Socialist movement is winning. They believe their goal of a statist government in America is now in sight. These enemies of freedom believe they are in the home stretch with a comfortable lead.

If you think sending a campaign contribution to a candidate for office who says what you want to hear just get your vote is all you can do then you are dong exactly what members of the Socialist movement want you to do. The time for armchair patriotism has long past….the time to post a rant on Facebook and think have done your duty is over. The Socialists are making progress on every front in their violent assault on our freedom.

The covid19 pandemic is the perfect storm for those who want to control all aspects of our lives. Think about it. They tell us to hunker down in our homes one week then tell us it is okay to return to normal the next. Wear masks. Do not wear masks. Don’t go to church it’s too dangerous to mix with other people yet it is not too dangerous for thousands to gather in the streets of our cities and towns to burn, loot, riot, and in some cases kill. Abortion clinics are designated as essential businesses and reman open. Not only do they remain open, they received $80 million in government relief money. The government sends us money and tell us to stay home and not to go to work. The Socialists are committed to the practice of never letting, “a good crisis good to waste.” So, do not look for the Socialist movement to turn loose of the power over us they now have a result of covid19. It is just too much power. 

A clear example of this progress can be seen in the growing membership in Democratic Socialist of America chapters around the country. Membership  has skyrocketed since the outbreak of covid19. An estimated 20,000 people have joined since the pandemic and shutdown, bringing the group’s total membership to roughly 100,000 members. 

While I maintain the pandemic is the primary motivator for new members, some   leaders of the DSA attribute the recent growth to Senator Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign. They believe when Sanders dropped out of the race that sent his supporters scurrying to find another outlet for their organizing energies. 

But I believe the current economic shutdown and public-health conditions have sparked anger and hatred  nationwide creating that perfect storm for socialist outrage. 

Confusion and chaos are two primary goals of  the Socialist. Think about it, millions of Americans  have been fired or furloughed. Fast-food workers and grocery-store checkers are told they are risking their lives for minimum wage, while white-collar employees are attending Zoom meetings from the safety of their homes. And at the state level governors are in some cases ignoring mandates by allowing businesses to reopen. Federal health officials that is causing “needless suffering and death” of their residents. Chaos and confusion continue to grow.

There is no doubt about it, for DSA members and other leftists, the political revolution here. They know the coronavirus crisis and global economic meltdown will not be resolved in the next few weeks or months. The financial toll will be felt decades to come. That will in turn allow the Socialist dominated Congress’s push to expand the social safety net. That in turn will mean more and more Americans we welcome the federal government playing a larger role in their lives. There is, in other words, great potential for systemic change in power for the Socialist. Make no mistake about it that is a potential that DSA members recognize.

The DSA’s unprecedented growth in recent times “as impressive as anything that’s happened in left-wing history” since the Socialist Party of America reached its peak membership in 1912,  that according to Maurice Isserman, a history professor at Hamilton College.

Right now, the DSA is emphasizing recruitment, framing their efforts as giving struggling workers a way to fight back. We Christian Conservatives need to know; more and more people are enthusiastically working with the DSA. As one DAS leader said. “It’s a good time to be a socialist.”

That should be our cue to suit up for the fight to regain our freedoms. In coming posts, I will lay out what at Save America’s Freedom Foundation we believe is the path to successfully winning this life and death struggle for America’s freedom. In the meantime, tour our website and then volunteer to join the fight to Save America’s Freedom