What to Expect from Biden

President Trump is doing all he can to ensure that Joe Biden has a difficult time forming his new government after January 20th, 2021. The way it looks now Biden will, for all practicable purposes, have to rebuild the federal bureaucracy from scratch in order to begin to achieve his Progressive/Socialist agenda. There is neither time nor space here to list all Biden will do to tear down what Trump constructed. 

What can we expect from a Biden administration early on? Well, here are a few possibilities to ponder as President Trump and his team continue to fight the election results in the courts of law and public opinion. 

First, Biden will rip from the root all Trump faithful in the bureaucracy. Every one of his political appointees will be fired on day one and filled with Socialist replacements as soon as they can be found. Also, look for a wide-ranging audit of other government employees hired during the last four years. Those identified as Trump loyalists will be removed from throughout the lower ranks. No one will be spared. 

Then there is issue of control in the Senate. If Democrat Socialists were to sweep both upcoming runoff elections in Georgia, they will be able to confirm Biden’s nominees and use the Congressional Review Act to lay waste to many of Trump’s regulations. But if they do not, Republicans will maintain control of that body for the next two years and beyond. Mitch McConnell will not allow Biden to confirm his preferred nominees to positions that require Senate confirmation. You will recall that Supreme Court case from Obama’s term that held so long as Congress does not formally recess by holding pro forma sessions, a president cannot execute any recess appointments. 

However, look for the Biden team to attempt a possible Constitutional solution to that roadblock. The Constitution states the president can force a recess if there is a dispute between House and Senate over doing so. So, if the Democratic House recesses itself, then there can be a dispute, President Biden could then declare a full recess, and appoint who he wants through the end of the 2022. The irony is not lost here, using the Constitution to undo the Constitution in an all-out sprint toward full tilt Socialism in America. The Biden team is no doubt in the starting blocks to go big and go fast in that regard having learned from the slowness of the first Obama administration in putting forth its nominees to various posts.     

Also consider this, there is little doubt the Democrat Socialists have learned from President Trump on how much can be accomplished with unbridled hubris and attitude. Reflect on what Trump accomplished exercising sheer belligerence.  Look for President Biden to do the same. That is, ask for neither permission nor forgiveness. Just get your people into their jobs by hook or by crook. Then swamp the federal courts with a blizzard of executive orders and administrative rulings. Get your people in place asap. Put the opposition on its heels and reeling.  Then if a case is lost in court, change the wording ever so slightly and do the same thing again. Trump was a past master at this technique.  And there was the favorable bi product of creating a lot of news so mainstream media could not center on any one story. Just all Trump all the time.  

Yep, it is easy to see President Biden adopting all these Trumpism and more. As I have said so many times in the past, the Socialists are relentless. They are hard a at work 24-7-365 in their efforts to undo our divinely inspired Constitutional America.  

Those who value our divinely inspired country must also learn from the Socialists. We must become activists on a greater and grander scale than our enemy. In that regard please review the information on the SAFF website at savemaericasfreedom.org. Forward the information on to likeminded patriots. Join our fight to save America’s Freedom.