Campfire Chats

Ever sit around your own campfire 
With you and just your son 
Discuss the things that really matter 
The ones you’ve lost and the ones you’ve won 

To listen to his questions come 
The things that are on his heart 
To see if you both have common ground 
Or are you far apart 

I think you’ll find the more you listen 
The more you’ll understand 
His views aren’t that different from your own 
He’s searching for his stand 

If you will answer what he asks 
With peace and fatherly love 
He’ll comprehend the truth you know 
Your talks won’t need a shove 

This generation after mine 
Have beliefs that I don’t hold 
They look at things a different way 
But they can still be bold 

They haven’t walked the path I’ve walked 
But they want to hear my tale 
Of how it was back in the day 
And how did I prevail  

The simple truth is time will pass 
And they’ll learn from where they are 
The truths and lies they see today 
Are here and not from afar 

Tell him truth as you see it 
Give him a chance to hear 
I think you’ll find he’s wise enough  
To hear it without fear 

And when the fire has embered down 
Your advise goes with his sleep 
He’ll rise and know the truth you told 
Has reached into him deep 

He may not hold dear to all you’ve said 
He’ll still have his own dreams 
Just give him time and he’ll believe 
Your love is what he needs 

For our dear God, He did the same 
With His Son that He did love 
Gave Him His great eternal truth 
And sent Him to us from above