Sittin’ round this crackling fire 
The flames they are a lickin’ 
Smoke is following the prettiest one 
And it’s hot coals starts a flickin 

To sit at dusk and watch these flames 
That we call Texas TV 
Gives you such a peaceful feel 
It’s all that you can see 

The comfort of just sittin’ here 
And sharing nature’s beauty 
Gives you the feeling God is close 
So rest and do your duty 

What is that duty you might ask 
What job has He for me 
Well, simply sit back and watch the flames 
And let your mind be free 

When you can reach that quiet place 
With no troubles in your sight 
He’ll let you know the peacefulness 
That will guide you through the night 

Once you’ve learned this nocturnal grace 
Your days will be sweet too 
To walk in love and peace and joy 
Created for me and you