Courage Fear Can’t Hide

Standing at this barred door 
Hearing shouts of glory from inside 
Knowing what is coming 
Seeing courage fear can’t hide 

Thirteen days they held it 
Thirteen days of waiting for the tide 
Seeing the masses before them 
Standing in the courage fear can’t hide 

Holding close together 
Shoulder to shoulder, standing side by side 
Not one thought of surrender 
Holding to the courage fear can’t hide 

Hearing blasts of trumpets 
Red flags of “no quarter” briskly flyed 
Strongly they faced the massive horde 
Knowing God gives them courage fear can’t hide 

When the morn was ended 
They all had gone to meet their glorious guide 
Two hundred patriot heroes 
Rewarded for the courage fear can’t hide 

The Alamo reminds us 
The memory of hero’s that have died 
Protecting and defending freedom 
We relish in the courage fear can’t hide 

Fear always defeats us 
Courage directs us to our blessed pride 
To be a free, strong people 
Understanding the courage fear can’t hide