The evil that pervades this world 
The multitudes it holds 
The darkness that directs their paths 
And makes them act so bold 

Destruction is what they desire 
To take away all good 
And mold the world as they see it 
They’d do it if they could 

But there are those 
They’re full of light and see this evil presence 
To turn this darkness into light 
Is their blessed essence 

This darkness can’t defeat the light 
The light will cause it to flee 
To let the darkened world to know 
That light is what should be 

So spread your light so all may see 
The beauty of Gods great plan 
Turn on the light and feel the warmth 
We’re each the one who can 

When we all can walk in this blessed glow 
And have no fear that evil steals 
The light that has been given to us 
And know the light is real