We are such a gullible group 
We believe all that we hear 
Whether on TV or the internet 
We accept their truth is clear 

This information assaulting us 
These lies poured into our brains 
Well, those of us with common sense 
Should decide to pull the reins 

Let’s stop this deadly juggernaut 
This majority should find our voice 
We can no longer sit and watch 
This silence can’t be our choice 

We sit and watch our cities burn 
And fear to tell the truth 
Our silence grants complete control 
To the destroyers of this earth 

It’s time that we all take our stand 
For the management of our fate 
And stand united once again 
To fight those filled with hate 

I am ready to answer the call 
To protect this land I love 
No longer willing to abdicate 
Our blessings from above 

We need to stand and trust our God 
To strengthen our steadfastness 
And show those that would tear us down 
They can’t destroy His greatness