Somehow or other we have lost 
Our right to hear the facts 
We keep our face stuck to a screen 
Informing us how to act 

To abrogate our common sense 
To never try to choose 
The truth that sits in front of us 
Is a lie, with a short fuse 

They have poured their fiction into our minds 
So long, our brains are numb 
Accepting what they demand  
Is certainty, for we are dumb 

I, for one, cannot abide 
This propaganda schemes 
Indoctrinating our countrymen 
To the way that we should lean 

The media now controls our land 
Our leaders have bowed the knee 
And allowed the news to speak for them 
Their future, they just cannot see 

The Lord gave us the wherewithal  
To ascertain what’s right 
To know that we can hear the truth 
And use it for our might 

Let us all decide to use our minds 
And ignore these talking heads 
Demand our leaders grow a spine 
And get out of the media’s bed