We the people are about to loose 
The freedom that we hold 
As our leaders tell us what to do 
And we do as we are told 

From staying home to wearing masks 
To standing back six feet 
We’re told that we are evil folks 
If we don’t all act meek 

Protection isn’t what they seek 
Obedience is their goal 
To have control of all of us 
So we’ll do as we’re told 

When they can see us all masked up 
Or can’t go to a bar 
They’ll know that we have given up 
Our life is on their par 

Now knowing this is going on 
Should make us all wake up 
And see the restraint they force on us 
Will be a bitter cup 

I think that when we realize 
This power that we’ve lost 
And let them know they work for us 
Lost freedom has a cost 

It’s time to straighten our bowed necks 
It’s time we take a stand 
To make our leaders understand 
That we control our land 

I don’t know what the answer is 
But I know this ain’t it 
Of being told how to live my life 
Is a shirt that just won’t fit 

I do know the proper clothes 
Come from the Lord above 
The armor that He gives to me 
Fits me like a glove