Our Founding Fathers knew it was our right
To protest the things we thought were wrong 
To gather together in a peaceful group 
And petition our leaders in word and song 

To let them know we need a change 
Of the things that do us wrong 
That make our lives to seem less free 
In our country so safe and strong 

But some of our fellow folks 
Have decided that peace is not the way 
To let us know what grieves their souls 
Their anger will not sway 

For that small portion of you all 
That think we’ll accept your view 
By burning your own neighborhoods 
Will welcome your demands as true 

Destroying what your neighbors built 
That bettered how you live 
Just says that you have no regard 
For the work your friends did give 

If you think this destructiveness 
Will scare us to our core 
And make us change our wayward ways 
You push enough, a bull will gore 

If you would like for us to change 
Then you must change as well 
For only if we will work as one 
Can we all change this spell 

The Lord has told us we should love 
Each other right or wrong 
But, oh how hard it is to love 
Someone who wants you gone 

To believe you can create a war 
That will make us go away 
Because you think that we hate you 
Cajoles us more to stay 

So put down your bricks and firebombs too 
And come and let us talk 
For only then will we combine 
These two paths we both walk 

When we can feel each other’s pain 
And wear each other’s shoes 
With Gods help we can heal our land 
Please take our hand and get in the queue