The quietness of these mountain slopes 
The stillness that surrounds me 
A gentle breeze blows through the firs 
A silence you can almost see 

Back in the city where I live 
A cacophony will assault you 
Of cars and trains and all the rest 
Paints a loud and angry hue 

When city folk come to the wild 
Their ears are still a’ringing 
They seem to need to shout their thoughts 
Till they realize the silence is singing 

This magic quietness you behold 
The comfort that it brings you 
To let your brain be still and know 
That God gives you your due 

So travel out to a quite place 
And watch God’s glorious stars 
And know He set them silently there 
To let us watch them from afar 

I really think that you will hear Him whisper to your soul 

To: Be still and know that He is God 

For your happiness is His goal