Stay Calm

If we’ll all stay calm and just play dead 
They’ll blame it on the virus 
With COVID-19 on their side 
They know they can control us 

We hear them tell so many tales 
We can’t know which is true 
Gunshots, car wrecks or hundreds more 
The virus was the due 

For those poor souls who’ve left this earth 
From the pandemic, that we know 
Are so many fewer than what we’re told 
Than the numbers they can show 

They want us all to just believe 
That our life is filled with dread 
If we get close to our friends and kin 
We just might end up dead 

I hate that this plague came to us 
I sorrow for those that are ill 
But I know the statistics they’re giving us 
Is to frighten us to their will 

I think it’s time we all grew up 
And act like wise adults 
And cast away the angst spewed on us 
By seeing the real results 

It’s time that we demand the truth 
Of how dreadful this really is 
Is it atrocious enough to ruin our lives 
And make our country fizz 

I, for one, do not believe 
That our people are so deficient 
Of being able to control ourselves 
Our choices should be sufficient 

Of knowing how to protect ourselves 
And our friends and family too 
By living a different kind of life 
He’s protecting me and you