They Served

Towards the middle of the century passed 
Our youth marched off to war 
They heard the call of leaders wise 
And obeyed from near and far 

Not knowing what the cost might be 
To take this awful trek 
They heeded the call as their dads had done 
Their service so to make. 

Confusion filled their youthful souls 
And fear,it’s brother too 
But strengthened by their great resolve 
They obeyed what they were told to do 

When they had served their time in hell 
And made their journey home 
Anxious to see the ones they loved 
Their duty finally done 

Friends were lost in that sad time 
They’d seen things you shouldn’t behold 
But seeing their country once again 
Filled their hearts and kept them bold 

But when they set their feet on this fine land 
Their joy was turned to awe 
As neighbors called them awful names 
And scorched their feelings raw 

For fifty years they’ve held their peace 
And turned their pain inside 
Until this time in our history 
When we can look on them with pride 

Today we know the need we have 
For our soldiers to guard our land 
And praise all those young, brave souls 
Who always raise their hand 

So find a warrior old or young 
And let them know you care 
Of the sacrifice they made for us 
Of courage all too rare 

So finally know you elder vets 
We finally know your worth 
We’ll stand and give the honor you deserve 
For as long as we share this earth 

Now take delight in our thankfulness 
See how worthy you truly are 
For as tardy as our praise might be 
You earned it in that war