This War

This war is about to reach its end 
The final battle’s near 
The soldiers on both sides prepare 
Their marching orders clear 

Never in our country’s life 
Has such hostility reigned 
This house divided against itself 
Could be our final bane 

There was a time back in our past  
When our divergences were pure 
We could make our own beliefs known 
And together find the cure 

Now that time is certainly gone 
Today we are armed to fight 
With vicious lies spread on both sides 
To show that we are right  

If we would simply hear our Lord 
And let him guide our way 
This battle that we thirst to fight 
For this damage we cannot pay 

When the battle ends and the smoke clears 
And asunder we are torn 
We will stand up and realize 
Our new season is to mourn