We Still Believe

The slogan of Save America’s Freedom Foundation (SAFF) is, We Still Believe.  

One of the founders of SAFF and Board Secretary, Tony Sims, is among his many talents a poet. Tony was inspired by the SAFF slogan to write the poem posted below.  

We Still Believe 

For two hundred and forty-four years
Our people have held a trust that’s strong
That a government so created by us
Would treat us right and never wrong

While living through those lengthy years
As a nation we’ve matured
We stood strong in our great belief
And as a people we’ve endured

But lately it seems that some of us
Have lost the inherent belief
Of knowing we can rule ourselves
For from our leaders we seek relief

We are a strong and resilient race
There’s no problem we can’t beat
For if we act and stand as one
All enemies face defeat

I know united we will win
Together we can weave
This republic that was gifted us
Concerted “We Still Believe”

Tony has also penned a small book of poems dedicated to our U.S. Military, to their service and sacrifice. In the coming weeks Tony’s, Words for Warriors, will be posted here. I believe you will find Tony’s work inspirational and thoughtful.