Words for Warriors

What does a warrior mean to me
What does it mean to you
A person whose body is ready and strong
Or a person whose heart is true

We are a nation blessed with both
You’ve taken a vow to defend us
And go to places we can’t go
To risk your lives to protect us

There are no words that we can say
There’s not a phrase that’s noble
To let you know how much we care
For your sacrifice is laudable

So when you see our great hero’s
Your blessed task is but to say
That you realize their glorious worth
And you’ll cherish them every day

So search for them when you go out
Just shake their hand and smile
And let them know you’re gratitude
For they’ll go that extra mile

You military stars just need to know
That each and every day
We relish the duty you do for us
Our loyalty for you will never sway