Mission: Global Domination – Threat from the East

At the beginning of 2020, while the corporate owned media and facets of the United States Government created a global spectacle with the so-called Russia Probe of our President, the Chinese unleashed the greatest crime against humanity to date. The U.S. has been playing defense through this whole crisis, trying to put a mere finger in the dam of problems that have continued to manifest. We are at war. When SARS-CoV-2 was first in the headlines of our nation’s media it looked like a story in a land far away, until it hit home. From the very beginning it looked like a Plandemic. How does a virus cross species, especially in such a quick span of time? There are a multitude of unanswered questions but timing is key. At the beginning of the year Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard University’s chemistry and chemical biology department, was arrested for his involvement with the Wuhan University of Technology in China and just this week he was indicted for making false statements to the federal government.  Two Chinese scientists that working with him were also arrested for stealing intelligence as well as lab samples for the CCP. If you look into Charles Lieber’s accolades he’s a nanoscientist. There are arguments about whether or not the virus was constructed in a nano-technology lab but there is very little argument that SARS-CoV-2 has been weaponized. The CCP has done everything it can to cover up all things “Wuhan Virus” related, keeping all pertinent information under wraps. Since the new trade agreement was signed in January with the Chinese government, relations have been wobbly. While the CCP continues to commit crimes against the United States and the globe, the World Health Organization acts as their willing accomplice. They have sent a Pandemic Bomb as a response to a trade deal they weren’t really on board with and now we are left picking up the pieces. The United States has spent enormous amounts of money on medical research, manufacturing medical supplies and releasing money to its people to keep the economy on life support.  

So in comes Anthony Fauci to keep the narrative rolling, even becoming the corrupt media’s hero.  Dr. Fauci, a career government employee, became the trusted figurehead of infectious disease and the person to lead us out of a Pandemic, with zero knowledge on global economics and barely enough knowledge on management. Proof? Dr. Fauci outsourced the Coronavirus in 2015 to the Wuhan Lab. He has had his hands directly involved in the Wuhan mess to begin with. This is a matter of housekeeping for Anthony Fauci, how can he fix his mess and make money? Fauci pushed vaccines and expensive therapeutics. Again the timeline is key, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft in March of 2020 to “tackle global health” knowing Fauci is in the driver’s seat. In 2017 both Bill Gates started projecting a Pandemic of epic proportions. The relationship with Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates goes way back but even bringing it up to recent years, they have been working together for a universal flu vaccine and HIV vaccine. Their relationship is no secret. Bill and Melinda Gates have deep pockets and they are tied to the NIH and many other government medical systems.  

So at this point you are probably wondering what is the end game? 

The end game is global depopulation and a New World order, one that allows all control to fall under one leadership, which can only begin with the deconstruction of the United States of America. While the Plandemic Bomb was released globally, outside forces known as the “deep state” try to finish off the United States by instigating complete civil unrest. But what the Soros backed criminals were not expecting was a reuniting of Christians all over the world, ingenuity and creative responses to a crisis, truth seekers to emerge and a woman to escape Hong Kong with all the internal information on the Wuhan Virus. She maybe the key to imploding the Virus, the question is will anyone listen to her? Her name is  Dr. Li-Meng Yan, and she claims her supervisors covered up potentially life saving information. She’s a woman on a mission and there is no turning back. Currently, the FBI is looking through all of her evidence all the while the Chinese Government has gone on a computer hacking mission against her, destroying her reputation and hacking all her social media accounts along with other files. We should all be paying careful attention to the CCP’s tactics against Dr. Yan, as these maneuvers are right out of Chinese Government’s playbook and a preview of the new way they wage war.