Operation Hijack America’s Education

What will happen to the classroom this fall? Most children have already lost a semester of in classroom teaching. Changing a child from one school to another can be destabilizing enough, but changing a child from a classroom to “on-line learning” is a whole new level of disruption to the learning process.   

Over the last few months a majority of parents in the United States are working from home and having to stay on top of their child’s classroom, while they both work in the same space, sometimes using the same computer, if the family has a computer and internet. This current disease/propaganda really pushes the lower income families further down by default and pulls middle income families down and so on. Will the double income family become a thing of the past? How will Americans be able to keep their jobs if no one educates their children? What about the essential workers?  

The current exponential strain on the people and various systems cannot be sustained. The reality is children are not very good carriers of Covid-19. They are however excellent carriers of other diseases in which the United States has never had to close schools to date. Children need to go back to the classroom. Their education has been hijacked by the news media fear propaganda machine and the unions much in the same way that social justice has been hijacked by BLM, and Antifa.  

Never let a good crisis go to waste. The NEA National Education Association and AFT American Federation of Teachers are rallying to spend more money on school funding. Under the guise of “health” they are asking the government to “provide at least $175 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund distributed directly to local education agencies and institutions of higher education, with minimal state set-asides, in an equitable and targeted fashion. Also provide $50 billion in direct funding for public colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions.” The unions are expecting schools to add all necessary measures to make schools Covid Safe. The money involved is astronomical and the federal government if countering with defunding. Pressing in and focusing on Los Angeles Unified alone, we can see that their demands are Covid-19 related until they get to part 3  of the ransom letter, “Well-funded Schools and Communities for Well – Being.” It includes taking shots at the wealthy in California, with higher taxes, and demanding federal funding to push through their socialist agendas including Medicare for all and defunding police. Why not start with unravelling the school administration’s (not including educators) salaries and pensions? And since they’ve so proudly backed Joe Biden as their “candidate,” how about moving campaign and lobbying related funds to the families of the students who are now having to hold classrooms at home? Point being with all the waste (no pun intended) within the school system, isn’t there enough money to buy hand sanitizer?  

The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the teachers unions agree that in person classrooms are better for the children, They “learn social and emotional skills at school, get healthy meals and exercise, mental health support and other services that cannot be easily replicated online.”  

Do they really want to go back to the classroom? Many Learning Management applications are being pushed at this time, Schoology, PowerSchool and a variety of others. From the outside it looks like an experiment and our children are the lab rats. They have been forced to go online for their education, where they are now being mined for information. The way they react or respond to some classes, tests and indoctrination programs like the Soros funded SEICUS – Sex Ed For Social Change requiring sex education for children k-12, is all being scooped up and used in some matrix.  Good teachers were our children’s last line of defense. The days of having control over their classroom are gone. Applications like Schoology spy on the teachers and children forcing the propaganda to free flow right to your child unfiltered. The new online classroom automatically exposes children to privacy issues as information goes out onto the“Net.” Between Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – “FERPA and Virtual Learning,” can they actually do anything to protect your child’s privacy? A parent has to automatically agree to allow their child to log into the online classroom so the parent therefore by default concedes to whatever privacy standard is set forth in the school software program. Is this another attempt to chip away at our Fourth and Fifth Amendment? The Fourth Amendment protects privacy against unreasonable searches. The Fifth Amendment protects against self-incrimination, which in turn protects the privacy of personal information.  

Cameras on computers have been spying on students even before the pandemic, so the door is open for bad actors in many respects.  How safe is it when your IP address is exposed? Will your child still be at home when you get back from work? At least in a classroom there is protection, until of course they defund the police.  

Looking at the NEA, AFT, and LAUSD demands, it is easy to spot opportunists. The options of spending billions and sending students back in a hybridized manner is both  physically and fiscally impossible. In the past, when there was a measles or flu outbreak, how did the schools handle it? I thought hand sanitizer kills Covid-19? Covid-19 fatalities among children are lower than any other infectious disease, and over 99% of adults recover, so the surrendering of the United States education system to this virus doesn’t make any sense, unless the end game is to completely dismantle America.