Scaring People into Socialism with Weaponized Fear

Disturbing the status quo can happen during epidemics, economic downturn, civil unrest, public shaming, destruction of wealth, destruction of remarkable healthcare systems, hijacking of technology, and attacking food supplies. Coincidences? Bad timing? One person’s mistake? No not at all. It is planned. 

Weaponized fear is planned. Deny it if you’d like, but you will come back to the same point. Give it time. If you can’t see it yet, you will. Never let a good crisis go to waste right?  

This latest DEMONstration and yes the word demonstration has the word DEMON in it, was meant to get your attention in case you are still asleep. It’s like the obnoxious alerts sent to your phone. The enemy is among us and it is screaming for your attention. Police departments have needed some restructuring for a long time, but that’s not what all this is about.  It is about dismantling the police in order to give legal authority to a bigger power.   

“Social Justice warriors” have been hijacked. It may seem that all this is about the “Mob Rule” but the mob is being tricked. One pocket of a fueled protest is one thing but a globally fueled fire of unrest is a different thing. Civil unrest doesn’t just pop up everywhere at the same time, it is planned. This is a broad attempt at dividing and scaring everyone in order to take power over everything. People of every color, political party and spiritual belief need to coalesce but the exact opposite is happening. Division is key before the fall.  

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” United we stand! No matter what God wins. We were created that way! Remember we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD! 

Mark 3:25

What the United States is living through right now is a campaign using weaponized fear to scare people into socialism. Don’t go out of your home you might get coronavirus. Don’t do ANYTHING you might get coronavirus. How do we feed our families? Take a measly check from the government and do nothing! Really? While something is better than nothing, most families can not sustain their monthly bills, let alone everything else with government money.  

So now everyone (who is not elite) is adjusting to these unconstitutional rules including destroying businesses that they were from the ground up, and walking away from their life to accommodate the government’s threats. We can argue that as whole we are doing it for those that are in “high risk” but really ask yourself, isn’t this just a giant guilt trip? When did you succumb to guilt for living the American Dream?  

So you create something, make a living and take care of your family and now your NEW responsibility is to throw it away, eat dirt and protect people that don’t know how to shelter in place on their own? Isn’t this backwards? If you were “allowed” to continue operating along with millions of others, wouldn’t we all be better suited to help those who are high risk? Together? How much more could we do as a society for each other with some semblance of wealth, prosperity, and  ingenuity.  

 The poor cannot finance others and donate to bigger causes. Marketplace warriors build things.  If everyone stays on government money and essentially gives up, how will we ever be able to help each other out? We won’t. We will serve one master. The government will run everything. Welcome to socialism. You don’t get to choose anything anymore. You forfeited your right when you became dependent. Afraid of Covid -19? Afraid of rioting?  Afraid of police? Afraid of money missing from your bank account? Afraid to go to the doctor because of Covid-19? Afraid to work because of Covid-19? Afraid someone else isn’t wearing a mask? Rat them out, the government will give you money. You better pray you can stay on the good side of whatever that government looks like.  

Everyday we willingly give away another precious constitutional right because of fear. Wait, are you afraid to say anything because you might be considered one of “those” people? We walk in boldness and innovation. We are creators and builders. We help those less fortunate. We are not cowards.  We are the United States of America.