Tracing 2020-Mass Surveillance and the Police State

Here at Save America’s Freedom Foundation, SAFE for short, our goal is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND ENLIGHTEN. We are life and liberty loving Americans, so let’s talk about Freedom vs a Police State. 

A Police State can be pretty sneaky, like a lobster simmering in hot water. All the sudden you have been boiled!  As of late, the excuse of the week is Covid-19, I say the week because during the protests Covid-19 apparently took a vacation. While protesting was distracting millions of Americans, the government was in cahoots with cell phone companies making sure the latest iPhone and Android phone updates included Exposure Notification API. They are denying that they put a tracing app on your phone yet the latest updates on your phone are the fragments that work in conjunction with the app. So, what do you think is next? Are you feeling any better yet? Some folks woke up to their Android phones having exposure notification on them without an official update Do not worry as it currently stands, google and apple seemed to have figured out a way to work it into the operating system. So soon there will be no app necessary. They are working with the government to steal your privacy and your freedoms. Sold out completely. 

Contact tracing itself can be traced back to the 16th century.  Physician Gabriele Falloppio, traced venereal disease. They used information directly from people and even journals from Christopher Columbus. Over the last few months South Korea has been using aggressive tracing tactics to monitor everything through mass surveillance, disseminating personal information to others in the area including, age and gender, and a detailed log of their movements down to the very minute. According  to the  national law review, “This state-managed platform provides incredibly detailed personal data on an individual’s activities including their location and time spent on the location, public cameras, and credit card activity.” 

The excuse used was that it was for the “good of the people,” to control Covid-19. Does that sound familiar? 

We are not South Korea and we have this thing called the 4th Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 

Keep in mind, phone apps are not just for those who test positive, they are going on every phone. How does this not qualify as unlawful search and seizure? To work in conjunction with the NSA spying devices known as your “cell phones,” Contact Tracers have been hired and trained across the United States. How does this happen in the middle of a pandemic when companies are being forced to shutter and money is tight? Oh, it was part of the CARES Act. They could not wait to spend money on hiring people with zero experience in the Department of Homeland Security, to call you and tell you that you must stop what you are doing and stay home quarantined because you happen to be standing next to someone with Covid-19. Nazi Germany had the brown shirts, which were mostly middle class Germans out of work. It gave them something to be proud of, they went after their political enemies and they were used to take control of Germany. Hello, it is happening again!  

The government is already following you on your phone.  Just recently, a giant government grab happened when our phone companies released mapping information of millions of Americans to the government.  That is how they know that more people are leaving their homes and traveling out and breaking their house arrest. Yes, healthy people being forced to stay home is not only unconstitutional, it is HOUSE ARREST. Sickly contagious people being quarantined is a true quarantine not the other way around. 

Let’s dissect this whole equation. Over 50% of the population is Asymptomatic according to the latest CDC numbers. They believe that droplets carry the disease, however, I personally know people that have others in their household whom have Covid-19 and only that one person got it. So how does such a crazy contagious disease not attack everyone at home? My point is that they don’t know. They are assuming this is a virus that is severely contagious and assuming everyone will get deathly ill. All their “factors” are off, which automatically makes this whole thing pointless. Until they know exactly what they are dealing with they are shutting down lives based on a theory and a bad one. The truth is more than 98.6% recover according to the World Health Organization. So when a contact tracer calls you and tells you that you have to stay home and quarantine because you may have come in contact with someone with Covid-19, how will you feel when you do your “time” and the very next day after you get out you have to stay home again for 14 days. You will lose every freedom you ever had, your job, your home and the ability to take care of yourself. Think about this cycle as more people get this disease. Also, some restaurants and other businesses have been told they have to “log” who comes in and out-including getting your email information! Huge violations of privacy. There are so many things they must fix before it can work. First, testing that takes 7 days or more needs to be removed from the market-it is useless. Second, there is a direct correlation in blood types. Globally, type A is the hardest hit. Third, get the facts straight, The Who said that Asymptomatic carriers rarely infect others, but pre-symptomatic can? Since when does any disease become contagious without symptoms and a direct fluid exchange? What I am saying is you need solid evidence in order to build a monitoring system that is effective. We are well over 4 months into this and now they want to start contact tracing? So now you stay home indefinitely because someone in town got Covid-19?  And besides who stops their life for a disease with a 98.6% recovery rate? Think about it, even in this century, H1N1 killed over 575,000 people and there was no quarantine or push for surveillance. Why now? 

Somehow in the 16th Century, they were able to trace without obliterating people’s freedoms. Tracing in 2020 is a Mass Surveillance push under the guise of a “safety” protocol. If you are not mad yet – you should be. We are not South Korea, China or Nazi Germany. We are the United States of America and this is another attempt at watering down yet another one of our constitutional rights. People wake up, fight this gross abuse. Let us stand together and protect our rights, let’s educate others. Donate to the Save America’s Freedom Foundation today! 




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