Wizard of Oz Government

Look over there, while we destroy everything in front of you. 

During what could be the most divided election in history, the usual culprits and instigators of depravity are destroying our constitutional republic from the root. While the entire media is fixated on why you should vote for another lifelong politician and how “orange man bad” will end civilization as we know it, the leftist militia funded by the General of Evil, George Soros, terrorizes people at the most basic level. It may look like social justice, but the truth is that there is a large transference of power happening, fueled by socialist/communist ideologies meant to destroy the United States from the inside.  

Defund the police yell the paid crowds! Defunding police without a strategy equals chaos. 1 Corinthians 14:33 

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace–as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people. 

If the heart of a man is to hate, getting rid of law and order is not going to change him. Most people spend time around like-minded individuals, it is nature. Regardless of skin color, the tendency is to go where you are favored. The global elite simply want a New World Order, where they will reign and do not have to be around the peasants. So, drink the cool aid. There was no grass root movement for Black Lives Matter. This is funded destruction by a militia. The idea that somehow defunding the police will change racism is idiotic. Defunding police means no more security for law abiding citizens. Changes need to be made but why are law abiding citizens now the next meal for hungry criminals. Is there a way to add a department to help with the wellbeing of the public? to address social justice? The irrational emotional result can be seen across the nation. 

In Austin, TX 911 calls go 2 to six hours holding because of defunded police. 

In Seattle, 911 calls go unanswered. There are similar stories In Minneapolis, DallasPortland, and many more. 

The global civil unrest leads people into war, and it has already begun. The George Soros funded, “Open Society Foundation” group supports Antifa and Black Lives Matter which has hijacked cities globally. 

There is a purpose, look at South Africa where white people are being murdered. genocide is happening at the hands of a tyrannical government. If you tell that to a social just warrior, they may think that’s “great,” white man bad. Problem: Black Africans are also starving. The deceiver is busy manipulating minds and rioters have turned against each other. Newsflash: corrupt governments do not care about the people! Again, it is about divisiveness, period. South Africa is experiencing genocide and a giant land grab. So, who is the recipient of this wealth? The people? No, the Chinese government who buys it from the people and government. They and wealthy elite want the minerals and wealth off the land. 

This whole transference of power is aimed to destroy all sovereignty and it is the TRUE global pandemic. The pandemic was the first strike.  Wear a mask, stay home, no church, no gym, only fast-food restaurants open. Fattening you up for a feast aye? Everyone seems to be agreeing with it so it must be ok right?  

Pretty quickly everyone said here take my rights. We will shame anyone who resists for you, as your brown shirts. Here you go local governments, control us. We are too weak to think for ourselves. 

After the pandemic, they threw in protesting. After all there is a captive (literally) audience since everyone was home to watch the events. Go ahead destroy towns, it is your right, the corrupt government proclaims. The same thing is happening in South Africa, and around the globe. Remember do not look at what is actually happening, look the other way, just watch the news. The water maybe simmering now but it will be boiling momentarily, so goes the lobster. WAKE UP AMERICA!